Leading the charge as the industry's premier resource hub.

Our founders, backed by years of mortgage broking industry experience, understand the nuances of broking.


They each helmed industry-leading companies on their own. But together? They’ve crafted a groundbreaking masterplan to leave the industry in a better place than they found it. 

John Maxwell

As our Group CEO, John provides strategic advice on the overall vision, strategy, and sales aspects of our group. He was a mortgage broker for over 24 years. He has built large national teams, owned & managed 9 mortgage franchises, & run multiple financial services businesses. John has worked with all levels of brokers, lenders, aggregators, & allied services professionals.

Oscar Zhuo

Oscar has an extensive background in project management. Previously, he was National Operations Manager for a prominent mortgage brokerage firm with over 100 brokers. As Group Director. Oscar plays a key role in managing both the operations & marketing divisions of Uptick Marketing as well as Broker Desk, Privy Capital and MegaCap divisions.